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Jiangxi Baotai Group won "Gold Award for High quality products"
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    Summary:Jiangxi Baotai Group won "Gold Award for High quality products"

                                                        Picture 1 Jiangxi Baotai Group has won the Honor of"Gold Award for High quality products"

   On June 13, 2019,the 20th Guangdong International Die casting Industry Exhibition, sponsored byChina Die casting Network and China casting Network, opened in Guangzhou PazhouExhibition Hall!

Picture 2 Jiangxi Baotai Group booth and exhibitors in the 20thGuangdong International Die casting Industry Exhibition

   The exhibition continues the characteristics andadvantages of the past, brings together the excellent industry enterprisesthroughout the country, ushered in the visit of industry friends from the northand south of the motherland and from all over the world, and it’s worthy of thename of the "foreign audience" industry event.

Picture 3 Chairman Peng Baotai made a speech at the opening ceremony ofthe Guangdong International Die casting and Foundry Industry Exhibition

Picture 4 Chairman Peng Baotai, cut the ribbon for the opening ceremonyof the Guangdong International Die casting and Foundry Industry Exhibition.\

   Mr. Peng Baotai, Chairmanof Jiangxi Baotai Nonferrous Metals Group Co., Ltd., made a speech at theopening ceremony and cut the ribbon for the opening ceremony.In theinternational die casting and casting industry exhibition, Baotai Group has contactedwith a large number of customers from all over the world.The chairman, Mr.Peng Baotai, greeted the foreign guests personally and exchanged the groupexhibits with them to discuss the cooperation intention.At the same time,Chairman Peng Baotai was interviewed at the exhibition, expressing the group'sexport cooperation with the outside world and responding to the national``Beltand Road'' efforts.

Picture 5 Chairman Peng Baotai greeted foreign guests at GuangdongInternational Die casting Industry Exhibition

                                                                                       Picture 6 China Die casting Network visited ChairmanPeng Baotai

At the same time, China Die casting Network presentedmany awards, such as "2019 Guangdong International Die casting TechnologySummit Forum", "2018 Top Ten popular Award ceremony of excellentEnterprise Network in Die casting Industry", "2019 GuangdongInternational Die casting Industry Exhibition-Gold Award for High qualityproducts" and so on.Jiangxi Baotai Group won two honors as "2018 diecasting industry outstanding enterprise network popularity top 10 awardsceremony", "2019 Guangdong International Die casting IndustryExhibition-Gold Award for High quality products" !Chairman Peng Baotai asthe guest of the award, awarded the enterprises which won“GoldAward forHigh-quality Products”.

Picture 7 The exhibitors of Jiangxi Baotai Group Co., Ltd. posed forphotographs in Guangdong International Die-casting and Casting IndustryExhibition

Picture 8 Jiangxi Baotai Group won the Honors of the "Thepopularity is ten strong"

    Through the``2019 20th Guangdong International DieCasting Industry Exhibition'' , Baotai Group's high-quality die-cast aluminumalloy has moved to the international market and won the best recognition ofenterprises in the market.The future of Jiangxi Baotai Group will incorporate theproduct export into the development plan, actively respond to the call ofnational policy, in the road ahead, never forget why we started, and ourmission can be accomplished!

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