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Warmly celebrate the selection of Baotai Group into the Top 100 Enterprises of Jiangxi Province in 2016
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    Summary:Baotai Group won the top 100 private enterprises in Jiangxi, ranking 79th, and the top 100 manufacturing enterprises in 2016, ranking 48th. Jiangxi Province non-ferrous metal calender processing industry ranked 14th.

    At 9:30am, on September 26, the government of the provincialgovernment and the provincial and commercial association held a pressconference of 100 private enterprises in Nanchang. The list of "Top 100Jiangxi Private Enterprises in 2016", "Top 100 Jiangxi PrivateEnterprise Manufacturing in 2016", "Top 20 Jiangxi Private EnterpriseService Industry in 2016", Jiangxi Province scale Private Enterpriseinvestigation and Analysis report in 2016 were published at the meeting. BaotaiGroup won the top 100 private enterprises in Jiangxi, ranking 79th, and the top100 manufacturing enterprises in 2016, ranking 48th. Jiangxi Provincenon-ferrous metal calender processing industry ranked 14th.


    Jiangxi Baotai Groupstood out in the fierce market competition and made it to the top 100 privateenterprises in Jiangxi in 2016, taking the revenue of its main business in 2015as the entry criteria. As the leading enterprise and the benchmark of theprivate economy in the region of Jiangxi, it has the advantages of strong scalestrength and market competition, and has the important task and mission ofinnovation and technology, market-breaking, employment promotion, themobilization of the industry and the promotion of regional economicdevelopment. In the private enterprises of the whole province, it has formed astronger influence and appeal, and has played a certain demonstration andguidance role.In recent years, Baotai Group has responded positivelyto the pace of urbanization according to the national conditions of ourcountry. The main products are copper, aluminum, aluminum profiles, widely usedin construction doors and windows, marine industry, railway electrification,agricultural equipment, machine tools, air compressor pistons, cars, aircraftparts, and so on.At present, it has 46 patents, 31 utility model patentsand 15 designs, and the development and application of new technologies, newprocesses, new products and new models are fully used as the core of the core.

    In the face of thechallenge of the continuous increase of the current economic downward pressure,the Group will always adhere to the correct management direction anddevelopment strategy, and build the characteristics and advantages of scaledevelopment, collectivization management, professional operation,institutionalized assessment, capitalization operation and inclusive growth.while maintaininga steady and stable expansion of a certain scale, continuously increasing theinvestment of research and development and technical innovation, acceleratingthe pace of transformation and upgrading, continuously enhancing the corecompetitiveness of the enterprise, and striving to achieve the new role, thenew promotion and the new development under the new normal condition, We willcontinue to play a better model-leading role in the development and expansionof the private economy in Jiangxi, and to build a new work for the "Tobuild a fulcrum, and to be at the forefront" of Hubei.

     Peng Baotai, chairman ofBaotai Group, said: as an entrepreneur, he should have a sense of socialresponsibility, not to earn money for himself, but to promote social progress,develop and strengthen enterprises with innovative consciousness, and realizethe transformation and upgrading of enterprises themselves faster and better.To further quench the spirit of craftsmen, it has to overcome the difficultiesto make progress and create resplendence.

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